Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Before Christmas, my mom had some pictures taken of the girls for her Christmas card. They turned out amazing and we couldn't love this little girl more.

Dog Sledding...

Over Christmas break we headed up to the mountains for a week. It's so magical up there during Christmas time, we just can't get enough of it. My parents took the whole family (minus pregnant Kristy and the two little girls) dog sledding and it was amazing. First, they are the sweetest dogs that could never get enough love. My dad was trying to figure out how to bring one home with us. Second, it amazes me how these dogs LOVE to run and literally can't sit still. When we got there and they told us we would be on the sled by ourselves I was a little worried, seeing as I have no experience as Iron Will.  It was easier to maneuver than I thought. It was such a cool experience and one we will never forget.