Sunday, March 15, 2009


trev at the M&M store, the racing car!
the 16 flavors of coke- so much fun
at the Bellagio's new flower display!
at the game where byu lost

This weekend we went to Vegas for the Mountain West Conference Championships. Trevor, being the huge BYU fan can't live without going. We drove down Thursday morning and got there right before the first game then got some In N Out, went to the Rack, and watched a movie and went to bed. we didn't stay on the strip but we got VIP treatment by the Leavitts (Trev's mission companion Dixon's family). They live 15 minutes outside the strip in a gorgeous house and they take us in as their own. Friday we went to the pool all day, got fried, got some baja fresh and were back to watching basketball. we got awesome seats thanks to wade. Then we went to Luv It, a frozen custard place in probably the worst part of the strip, but holy cow it was AMAZING. Trevor is still craving it. Saturday, Trevor played TPC with Dixon and Wade, I saw my friend Whitney and went shopping. Then we went to Geisha's (it's like Benihana's) and then to the strip for some fun. We tried the 16 coke flavors from around the world, avoid the beverly, we all almost threw up! We woke up this morning and headed out. It was the greatest weekend ever and the Leavitts are WAY too good to us. We can't wait for next year!