Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brooklyn's First Day of Preschool

Do I really have a child old enough for Preschool? I really can't believe it. I was way more upset about it than she was. She marched right in there, gave me a huge hug, said "I love you mom!" and never looked back. After school, the teachers said what a great job she did. I am so proud of this little girl!!

California 8/14 - Grandpa's Funeral

My dad's dad passed away in August and we all went out for the funeral. It was a great celebration of his life and it was great to be with all of our family on that side. The hardest part was seeing my grandma so heartbroken. We spent time at the beach as a family and enjoyed each other's company. We miss you Grandpa!

 When asked what flavor she wants, she always says "PINK!"
 I loved that now that she is getting older, we can take her out on outings past her bedtime. We wanted to try Sprinkles ice cream and she came with us, it was so great. 
 We paddle boarded around Balboa and the two little girls fell asleep, it was hilarious.

Lake Powell 2014

I always dread going to Lake Powell, but always love it once we get there. Brooklyn is at such a fun age and got to go on the tube all by herself! She was little a hesitant but still had fun. Davis loves the water and Brooklyn likes (kind of) the water. Brooklyn napped like it was her job every day because she was so exhausted. We love the Allen family and it is always SO much fun when they come! 

Tripp Family Pictures

Kenna did family pictures not long after my mom did, so we have lots of pictures from July!

Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday Party

Brooklyn is going through a serious tea party phase and an even more serious princess phase. So I decided to combine the two for her birthday. It was so much fun setting up for and it was so much fun seeing how much she loved it. I had all of the girls come in princess dresses. We also got a bounce house from this nice guy on craigslist. The girls loved it but I didn't realize it would be an inferno inside of there in July. Brooklyn has the cutest friends and she is one lucky girl!

Brooklyn turns 3!

Birthdays are always so bittersweet. I love celebrating my kids and I love how much they love birthdays, but I really hate how fast they are growing up. I feel like I blinked and she turned 3. She is so much fun and such a crack up. She was so excited for all of her presents and loves being the center of attention, who doesn't?! We love this little 3 year old more than we ever knew possible!!! Kenna got her a jeep and she wasn't quite sure what to think of it. She thought it was so cool but kept saying "it's too fast!!"