Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad just turned the big 5-0! He still looks like such a spring chicken. I remember last year when he came into Nordstrom and one of my coworkers said, "who was that cute guy with you?" to which I replied "my dad!" Boy did she feel awkward! Anyways, I love my dad and couldn't ask for a better example. He does so much for us and Brooklyn sure loves her papa. I am so lucky to have him as my running buddy. We have probably logged over 100 miles together. I may look like my mom, but my personality is exactly like his. We went to Benihanas for dinner as usual and ate ourselves sick as usual. It was delicious. Happy Birthday Dad, we love you!

Memorial Day (Weekend)

We decided to take full advantage of the 3 day weekend. Trevor's little sister graduated Thursday night, and between parties, family dinners, and hiking, we didn't have much down time. Brooklyn didn't make it to bed before 9 all weekend but she had so much fun. The older she gets, the more curious she gets and the more she loves the world around her. Being outside so much made for one happy girl.

Yesterday, on Memorial Day, we woke up early and drove the 20 minutes to get the best donuts in town. That was followed by a perfect pool day with our good friends the McCabes and some serious house cleaning. That night we had a going away party for two of our good friends, the Reeses and Gross'. It was so much fun to have so many good friends together, but so sad to think they are leaving. I didn't take any pictures, I have no idea how I forgot. Emi- if you have some, send them my way. We are so sad to see the Gross' go to Oklahoma and are going to miss having them a stones throw away. Brooklyn will miss harassing Owen and definitely miss his carseat that seems to be her favorite thing. We are excited to meet in Dallas this fall and visit them, that is, once we forgive them for leaving us :)

It was such a fun weekend, but Brooklyn and I are definitely excited to do a whole lot of nothing today and to not drive anywhere! I am grateful for Memorial Day so we can celebrate all of the wonderful heroes that have served and are serving our country. You truly are heroes.

Brooklyn loved Grandpa Winston this weekend and kept asking for him.
 Brooklyn snuggling Aunt Kim who came to visit.
 Brooklyn had her first donut (only the healthiest for our little one)

 and she loved it and kept signing "more"
 This is what she looked like Sunday after a long weekend 
 My mom bought her a new north face hat (the only one she will keep on her head)

Such a fun day at the pool! 
 Brooklyn and her BFF Ashlyn
 And now finally time to clean my house and watch this all day. Bliss.
With Skippy at her Graduation, congrats Tay, we love you!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rockies Game

Last weekend we decided we wanted to head downtown and go to a Rockies game. It was B's first game at Coors Field (she went to Spring training in AZ) and she loved it. We found cheap seats some kid was selling outside the stadium, loaded up on peanuts and Diet Coke and headed to our seats. She loved watching everything that was going on and most of all, she loved being outside. I think that girl would sit outside all day long. It was a great game and perfect weather. It was lots of fun to take her downtown and have a night out on the town with the 3 of us. The city girl in me loves nights like these. Our little Denver girl is going to be a sports lover! 

 I was pretty proud of myself. I parked the car like this in the middle of traffic on my first try. Trevor didn't believe it until he saw it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

It's my first Mothers Day having little Brooklyn to hold. Last year she was still in my belly preparing for her debut. It's crazy to think she is almost one. I can say without any hesitation that this has been the best year of my life. I had no idea it was even possible to love anything as much as I love her. I am beyond grateful to have her in my life and am so lucky I have been given the blessing of being her mom. Brooklyn, I love you more than you will ever know and I can't wait to watch you grow up and be your biggest fan along the way.

I can't mention Mothers Day without mentioning my own mom. I hope someday I can be half the mom she is. I love her for more reasons that I can count. She has always been my biggest fan and does so much for me. I love her for all of the little things: the fact she didn't say a word when I walked out of the house in sweatpants almost everyday of high school (I knew it drove her crazy), that the first thing she thinks about when she thinks of having millions and millions is "imagine how much good you could do", that she knows how to talk to me off the ledge when I am freaking out over nothing, and most of all the fact that she has always been there for me and has been the best friend a girl could ask for. Brooklyn is so lucky to have her as a grandma. Mothers day always reminds me of my grandma who was such an angel and example. I miss her everyday but am so grateful I got the time with her that I did. I am even more grateful to her for making it so I got to have such a wonderful mom. I sure have some bigs shoes to fill in that department. It makes me smile to think Brooklyn was the last person to see her :)

My mother in law is so good to us. I love her for not only raising Trevor to be such an amazing dad, but for always doing so much for our family. She goes out of her way so often for us and we are so so grateful! I got lucky with my in laws!

This Mothers Day we spent with our families. The usual, brunch with my family, dinner with his. It was lots of good food and it was so fun having all the boys do the cooking. Trevor and Brooklyn got me the most beautiful tulips. I love having flowers in the house. We love our moms and are so lucky to have them close. They are way too good to us and we are so grateful for all they do.

I wanted to take pictures but the day go so crazy we only snapped a few iPhone pictures.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mt. Rainier

So...Trevor went above and beyond his normal crazy mountain man ways and decided to climb Mt. Rainier in Washington during the winter. It was a Denali prep course. Denali is 3 weeks long and he hopes to do that sometime in the future. I did not like signing the waiver saying I knew what he was doing, but boy oh boy, is this kind of stuff his happy place. He went with my dad and brother for 8 days of cold, tiring, fun. I would sum the whole thing up as 8 days of hell, hence why I wasn't on the trip, ha! The pictures look amazing and I am in awe of them. The called every few days from their satellite phone to say they were alive and that was about it. The didn't summit because they were in the middle of a winter storm and it was 0 degrees most days. The spent some days climbing close to 6,000 feet and others training saving people who fell in crevasses. The guides said he and my brother were the best they had seen. They said they woke up with ice on them and I won't even begin to explain the whole bathroom thing while on the mountain (I'll start dry heaving). I am so glad he got to check this off his bucket list and that boy amazes me more and more everyday. Brookie and I missed him lots and she was constantly saying "dada, dada" all week. Single moms are super heroes - thats all I have to say about that. The pictures will do all of the talking - I can't believe what they did!!! Congrats boys!