Sunday, May 10, 2009


So, this past weekend my mom came to visit me and trevor(he worked the whole time) but still got some new sperry's out of it. i am kind of sad to move back to Colorado because that means no more visits from my mom where she spoils me. the first night we went to this amazing pizza place that was a little too out there for trevor but it is at the top of my list. thursday we went to the mall and then to CPK for lunch because trevor was distraught we forced him to go elsewhere the night before. we watched bride wars and went fabric shopping for hours. friday was a perfect day. we woke up went golfing with trevor and his friend mitch, went to cafe rio, trevor headed work, and we went to the spa. there is this amazing aesthetics school by us that has their own salon and it is soooo cheap. saturday we spent the whole day out shopping at home stores and at the Rack and then had her mother's day dinner at the cheesecake factory on my dad :). we took her to the airport today to rent a car and head up to see her sisters. it was so much fun to have her here and i was so glad i got to spend mothers day with her. i made her berry french toast this morning. she is the most amazing woman i know and it takes a saint to put up with me. no matter what outrageously rude things i said or how unhelpful i was in highschool she did SO much for me. i realize more now that i am older just how lucky i was to have her as a mom and she is my hero.
since trevor never looks at slash reads this blog i will talk about his mom for him. kenna is an awesome mother-in-law. she sends us grocery store gift cards that make our lives so much easier and always sends cute cards for every holiday. for valentines day i got new kitchen canisters and for easter new clothes from the gap, could a girl ask for more!? trevor is her only boy and her golden child and i am so glad so let me take over raising him haha. i can see a lot of his mom in him and she definately raised him well. i never thought my husband would have opinions about home decor but thanks to kenna he knows exactly where the furniture should go and if our house didn't look good he would let me know. 
we are so lucky to have great moms that do so much for us and we cant wait to move back to colorado and see them more often and to pawn our children off on them :)
p.s. my mom bought children clothes for her unborn grandchild whom she doesnt know the sex of- i love you!!
we love you!!!!