Friday, February 18, 2011


So, now that I am showing (which is quite a weird feeling) random customers ask me if my "bump" is a baby bump. Funny thing is, I barely have a bump at all and these strangers are asking this! I find it a little ballsy to ask someone that. What if I had just gained weight or that was my normal stomach?? It took everything in me not to say "no its not, thanks" just to see their reaction. I have actually wanted to do that but don't want to make someone feel that terrible! It would be pretty funny though. I just can't believe people ask that. I feel awkward even asking someone that is 39 weeks pregnant, just in the off chance I'm wrong.

Oh, and the other funny thing is I haven't told anyone at work. I have told my few friends there, people that I wanted to tell but other than that no one knows. I feel like it's kinda weird to just walk up and tell someone you work with. "Hi, oh and by the way I'm pregnant." So I just haven't gotten around to it. But now that I look a little heavier in the stomach region, my coworkers don't seem to look me in the eye anymore and just awkwardly look at my stomach and try and make it look like they aren't. I wonder if they are gossiping in the back as to whether I have gained weight of am just pregnant haha. I should probably tell them. I guess I'll see how big I can get before someone actually asks me.

On another random note, only 5 more days til we find out the sex! I can't wait, I am going mad waiting! I really feel like its a boy for some reason. I haven't had any dreams or anything, that has just been my gut instinct for a while. Tausha has had 2 dreams that its a boy so maybe she has some intuition as an aunt and she knows haha! I don't think Trevor has a guess either way, he says "I'll be happy either way". As much as he wants a little boy to play basketball with, little girls have a way to his heart. He is in love with my niece and she adores her uncle Trevor. Trevor's best friend just had a baby girl and we can't get enough of her already. We are so excited and feel so blessed to have a little one of our own on the way. Secretly, I want a little girl cuz the clothes are so much cuter, but the other part of me wants a boy since I love having an older brother. In the end, its not up to us anyways! I'll update you all once we know! Let us know if you have any guesses! Thanks for all the love and support we have already gotten, we have such amazing friends and family!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

(Me and Lindsey at my Wedding)

My best and oldest friend Lindsey just got engaged! I am so thrilled for her. She has been dating Kevin for over 6 years, longer than I have even known Trevor, ha! She text me a picture of a ring and said shhhh, I haven't told my mom yet and she would kill me if her mom found out before she could tell her, ha! She is so amazing and deserves the best, and Kevin is. I can't wait for the wedding, and since it wont be until Summer 2012 I wont be huge and pregnant, yay! I just booked a flight to go visit her and celebrate in 3 weeks, I can't wait to go back to California. I'm so excited for you Linds!