Thursday, October 25, 2012

Road Trip

Trevor and I have been wanting to get to Utah for a while now. Since his little sister is now at school out there and we have lots of family and friends out there, we decided to make it happen. It was a blast to see Taylor and be transported back to life in the dorms (which I don't really miss much. at all. the people, yes. the dorms, not so much.)

I always love going to Logan. Growing up, going to grandma's house there, was the ultimate vacation. It was this magical place where people had big backyards, horses as pets, dogs ran free, and kids got to play in barns. You could have told me unicorns lived there, and I probably would have believed you. I couldn't wait to get there, throw my coveralls on, and get all sorts of dirty while riding four wheelers. It was the polar opposite from life in Southern California. It was a bittersweet moment to take Brooklyn to the the exact Pretzel Maker my grandma always took me too. I miss her everyday. 

We had a blast staying with my cousins, Brooklyn was in dog heaven. One night she was literally pounding on the door screaming "doooog" and refusing to go to bed because she wanted to play with them so badly. She was an absolute trooper on the car ride over and didn't make a peep. I got pretty lucky with that cute girl. She may be a TV junkie after the road trip, thanks to the ipad, but I can deal with that later. 

We decided to head down to Provo for our last day to show Brookie (like she will ever remember this) BYU and so I could see some of my best friends' babies. I got to meet Court's little boy Ash and Jenna's little girl, Sunny. Both are the cutest little things and I loved that Brooklyn got to meet both of them. If there is one person on this earth that is cut from the same cloth as me, it's Courtney and I so wish she lived closer. You're moving to Denver, right? 

The ride home ALMOST ruined the whole trip. As soon as I can forget the drive from hell, I will have much fonder memories of the trip. The night before we left Brooklyn had the stomach flu and threw up all night long and I got zero sleep. She seemed to be fine the next morning so we headed out. I felt horrible since I woke up but figured it would pass. It didn't and I had a horrible stomach flu the entire ride home. I won't go into details because I would prefer not to relive it. I sat with my eyes closed for 8 hours with a migraine while puking every so often. Towards the end I started crying because, honestly, I really didn't know what else to do. We both laughed at the end because we couldn't believe what was happening. Trevor was a saint and did everything the whole ride home, unpacked the car, and let me go to bed. He got the flu the day after and now Brooklyn has a terrible cold/possible crup. We are like the walking dead over here but are finally feeling better. 

It was great to go back and see where we met, fell in love, and had our first place. Even better to take our little one with us. 

 I love seeing her love my Aunt's house just as much as I did growing up.

 Snicker residue on that cute face.

 We stopped at temple square on the way down and saw the City Creek Center. 

 Court and Ash
 Sweet little Sunny

Monday, October 22, 2012


Last week we got together with some of our good friends and headed to the Pumpkin Patch at Chatfield Botanical Gardens. I love a good pumpkin patch and I love seeing my favorite little girl love it just as much. With kettle corn in tow (thanks Karen!), we trekked through the patch to check out all of the pumpkins. It was far from stroller friendly and was quite a site to see :).  Fall always puts me in a good mood and being with good friends is even better. I love to watch Brooklyn experience new things and take in the world around her. And a HUGE thanks to Bethany for putting it together and taking amazing pictures as usual!

Snow # 1

The first snow came a few weeks ago and it was my kind of snow. The kind that leaves a layer on the ground, enough to build a snowman, but is completely melted by the time I get dressed for the day. I would be okay if every snow was like this snow. Luckily, we had Aunt Skippy in town to help Brooklyn build her first snowman. Liza and Rachel were over too, so all the girls had a blast. And, clearly we have a full bred Colorado girl because she didn't want a jacket or gloves and didn't complain about the cold once.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happiness is...

If I could bottle up one day of the year and make every day just like that day, it probably would have been yesterday. Fall was in full force and Colorado weather was shining in all its glory. I met my good friend Leslie at the park and we sat on a park bench, and looked out and both sat there in silence before both saying something along the lines of "does it get better than this?" We watched our little girls play together and looked out onto changing leaves and a basically perfect view of the mountains. Fall is my favorite time of year. I all of a sudden have an urge to bake everything pumpkin, wear sweaters, and already start planning Christmas festivities. I don't really need any other season. There needs to be a place where it's fall all year long, so I can move there. and never leave. I take for granted living here, even though I know how great it is, I rarely give it the credit it deserves. Fall in Colorado is my happy place... especially with a cute little girl who enjoys it just as much as I do. 

And this little girl is our constant source of happiness. Yes, she spends most mornings in a diaper and vans. And her sunglasses, of course, for those sunny Colorado days.

Bring on the pumpkins!