Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mom's 50th Birthday Surprise!!

So.... my mom is going to be 50 in January and because of her there is now a tradition that every time a sister turns 50 they get surprised with a trip, Terri went to San Francisco and we surprised my mom with Seattle. We decided to do it early because January is a blah time of year and we could totally catch her off guard this early :). So for months we have been planning this and it finally came to surprise her. Terri, my mom's older sister, made a suprise card and sent it to me and then i was going to strategically place it in her mailbox two days before. I gave it to Trevor to take to the office and get the mail key from my dad but they all of a sudden i get a phone call from my mom saying she is so excited and freaking out. My dad, who wasnt going on the trip, decided he wanted to give it to her so he just handed it to her haha. so she was thrilled and started packing and trying on all her outfits.

We left early, she picked me up at 5 am and we headed to the airport. We got in 40 minutes early which was 2 hours before the rest of the group so we hopped on the bus and made our way into the city just to find out they had been able to get us adjoining rooms and we could check in right then, beautiful! the hotel was great, it was on the water front, and so beautiful. We explored the city, ate great food, and couldnt keep ourselves away from the market. We went everyday, got flowers, bread, cheese, fish, and fruit. It was amazing. We went to Bainbridge island, which i fell in love with. It was the most gorgeous place I have EVER seen. you would think you are in a forest of pine trees but houses are nestled in the trees on the lake, i want to live there someday. We had perfect weather which just added to the trip. We all loved Seattle and had so much that we decided anytime any girl in the family hits a decade, we are going on a trip :) Happy Early Birthday Mom, I love you!!!

bainbridge, the cutest island ever.
the five of us on the harbor tour
pikes market, our favorite place of the trip
me and my bestest cousin
the guy at the market that said my mom was hot

cool/totally gross gum wall