Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Davis' 1 Year Pictures

Costa Rica December 2014

We went to Costa Rica for our Kozak family vacation and it was amazing. My mom rented an incredible house and we just telexed and ate and played for a week. We had our own pool which was so nice. The house was in a development that was like a hotel. We had a private beach and could order food to the house, it was awesome. Brooklyn liked to hang out around the water but not in it. By the end of the trip, she like the water. We drove to town to the local bakery every day to get elegant ears and sweets. I am still craving them. It rained a lot of the trip or was cloudy but it didn't stop us from having fun. We had two days of sun and it was HOT!!! I love Costa Rica, it was such a blast. Our flight how was basically empty and we had an entire plane to ourselves. Talk about a life saver. We all might have gone crazy!!! Thanks mom and dad!!!

Davis' First Birthday Party!!

I can't believe how fast the first year of Davis' life went. He is the easiest baby and just so happy. He sleeps like its his job and smiles all day long. We always look at each other and wonder how we got so lucky. We can't imagine our family without out. Oh, how we love you Davis!! I went with a winter wonderland theme since he was our winter baby. We had all of our close family and friends there and it was great. Davis didn't hesitate diving into the cake :).