Saturday, October 10, 2009


So, some of you may know that I am currently training for the NYC marathon that i will run in 3 weeks, holy cow. I decided to run it about a year ago with my dad and we have been training since. I was never a runner, I was a tennis player, enough said. It is quite amazing how actually training for something really does work wonders. I used to dread running 3 miles and now feel so lucky when I only have to run 15, so weird. I am kind of obsessed with running now but recently my knee started to hurt. Then it started to hurt worse. Then I went to the doctor and was told I have tendonitis in my left knee, oh joy. So I wanted to scream, then cry, then go run. The doctor said I wasn't fitted properly for shoes, thank you Boulder Running Company (NEVER GO THERE). So i ice it, i take baths, but it still kind of hurts. Im so close, yet so far away. I decided I wanted to have my old shoe back that I can't find anywhere so I called around and ended up talking to a really nice new yorker who told me to take it easy and let my knee heel and just maintain myself for the next 3 weeks. I was on such a high all day and felt so relieved until today I woke up and my knee hurt again. I have never been so discouraged. It probably doesnt help that I am on my feet all day and never give my knee a break but regardless of the pain, I will run this marathon. I read today that when you start to taper your whole body kind of freaks out and doesnt know what to do because it has become so dependent on running. So that helped me not cry tonight. I am trying to stay positive and for now am just seeing this as a nice little obstacle that hopefully goes away. Maybe I'm just extremely physically drained. Maybe I am going crazy from the running who knows. But if my knee doesnt get better, I will need to be checked into an institution because I WILL go crazy. But I guess if running a marathon didnt kind of suck, everyone would do it, right?