Saturday, September 18, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner

When Trevor and I got invited to a murder mystery dinner for a friend's birthday we were so excited! We had done one before a long time ago and thought it was a blast. Trevor was the rich guys brother and I was the responsible daughter. Since costumes and creativity are not my thing, my friend Julie pulled through for me. She got these awesome dresses at a thrift store (she was the spoiled daughter). It was lots of fun and we all had a blast. Thanks for the pictures Julie! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

US Open 2010

The US Open is one of our favorite trips. We love the tennis, the food, the shopping, and the city. Chris and Kristy didn't come this year since little Liza is still a little young to sit through long tennis matches. We missed them this year!

We lucked out this year and a guy my dad does business with offered us courtside seats to the matches. We got to see Federer and Sharapova play right in front of us. It was great. We saw some awesome matches. I will say I was sad to see Andy knocked out so early but you can't complain to watch Federer play. I also saw Melanie Oudin in the elevator at our hotel and she was SO adorable. I just love her.

We ate lots of good food as usual. It still amazes Trevor how my family goes on vacation just to eat, you would think we were Italian or something. We had dessert every night from Buttercup Bake Shop or Pinkberry. I fell in love with the lemon cupcakes and have been on a lemon kick since.

We had so much fun, my parents are so generous! Between wandering the city, morning runs in central park, trips to the bakery, fun subway rides, big meals, shopping in the village, and seeing some of the best tennis, this trip will go down as one of the best. We can't wait for next year.

Me and Melanie Oudin

I love my dad!
Maria Sharapova

My cute parents

John Isner


Trevor's dad decided one Saturday he wanted to go to the lake so we jumped on the opportunity. We are always up for some time on the boat. We called our friends Michael and Emi and we all went out on the boat for the night. The water was terrible, beyond terrible. I felt like I was back in the ocean in California. We decided to surf, wake boarding would have been a joke. It was lots of fun and we had a great time! We finished the night off with Chipotle and Yogurtland, not too shabby. Just a few more reasons we love Colorado.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Camping/Off Roading

A few weekends ago we went camping with Trevor's Aunt, Uncle, and three cute cousins. They are such a fun family and always up for an adventure. They told us about this place in Empire that you had to drive into with their Land Rover that can climb over anything. We took Trevor's truck which turned out to be quite eventful. As soon as we got off the paved road and onto the rocks Trevor said, "my truck is not built for this kind of off roading" and literally a minute later we hear air coming out of his tire very quickly. We both jumped out of the car to find his tire completely blown, not the best way to start the trip. We go to get the jack and the spare tire and realize we can't find the piece that drops the tire from the bed of the truck. His uncle's doesnt fit so we finally realize we are going to have to drive into town and hope to find something because it was already 8 at night.

We get to Empire only to find a board shop with stoned employees that told us to "go down to Johnny's house because he might have something". We opted to not go to Johnny's and drive down to Idaho Springs to find another Nissan and try and buy the part off of them since all auto part stores were closed. Me and little Lauren were flagging down cars in the road to try and get them to sell us the part but no one would. We decided we had to choice but to drive the 20 minutes to Walmart and see what we could do.

Walmart didnt have the part so Trevor's uncle got creative. We all wandered Walmart hoping to find something that might work. We ended up getting a curtain rod and a towel rack hoping one of those would work. We got back to Trevor and the two boys at about 10:30 at night to find them with a fire built in the middle of the road. Trevor claims the only thing that got him through that was his left over Chipotle, haha. His uncle used a mini ax to bang the rod into the shape we needed and we finally got the tire out and were able to change the tire. We ended up getting to camp at 1 am and all of us were exhausted. They promised when we woke up it would all be worth it, and it was. We were camping next to a gorgeous lake right about tree line. It was perfect and well worth, well kinda, the chaos of the night. We went off roading in the Land Rover for a few hours and then headed to Lewis' Sweet Shop, an amazing candy/shake/treat shop that has been there for years!