Monday, September 26, 2011


A couple weeks ago our dinner group tried a fun new restaurant downtown. It's become a monthly tradition that we all look forward to. Trevor and I are usually along for the ride since we don't know all of the great places to eat downtown. This time we went to Linger. It has quite an interesting story. It used to be a mortuary that has since been transformed into this amazing restaurant. They assured us no bodies were ever in the room where we were eating (not creepy, right?) The menu is divided up into continents and all of the food is based off of authentic street food from areas around the world. We had ceviche, fried jalapeno poppers, blood orange duck wings, sliders, pad thai, Korean pork, sweet potato fried, and some really weird flash fried cheese thing. It was lots of food and lots of fun. We were hoping to sit on their roof deck but it was pouring rain! We braved the weather and tried Little Man Ice Cream. It just as good and people say it is and I'm sure would have tasted better if it weren't freezing cold. We ran into a middle aged man that talked to us for what seems like forever. He had a huge ring on that Trevor immediately noticed. Turns out he was a punter for the Broncos when the won the Super Bowl. Trevor had to try the ring on... We can't wait for next month!

Brooklyn's Blessing

We blessed Brooklyn on 9/11/11. It was a great day filled with lots of food, family, and friends. We are so grateful to everyone that came! Brooklyn's dress is her great great grandma's blessing dress that was made from her great great great grandmas wedding dress. I was so excited it resurfaced in the family and she was able to wear it. It was lots of fun and a day we will always remember. We love you, Brooklyn!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roommate Reunion

A few weeks ago one of Trevor's best friends Austin emailed him and said we should all meet in Omaha for Labor Day. At first I thought there is no way we can drive 7 hours with a 7 week old but the more I thought about it I decided she has got to learn to travel sometime and we couldn't miss out on a weekend with our favorite people. Brooklyn was such a champ and I kid you not, slept the entire way. She didn't make a peep the whole 7 1/2 hours. I think she was excited to go too. Tyler, Lara, and Macie live in Omaha so Austin, Natalie, and Cooper came from Wisconsin and we came from Colorado. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. We all have kids 6 months apart and it was so much fun to have them all together. Tyler and Lara were amazing hosts and fed us like kings. We golfed, shopped, laughed, ate, and watched the BYU game (tennis for me- thanks Bid!). I am so glad we made the trek and we are already looking forward the 2012 in Chicago!

Bid, Lara, and Macie
Austin, Nat, and Coop
We had to make sure we had all of our sports covered.
Brooklyn's first trip to the golf course, I'm sure anything could have made Trevor happier.
You don't see this on the golf course everyday...
We went golfing on Labor day...all of us. It was hilarious pushing strollers and golfing. We dubbed it the "Omaha Cup". I'm still not sure who won. Nat and I threw the towel in after 7 holes haha.
The girls and their babies.
One happy family

The whole gang at the Temple

Macie was nice enough to let Brooklyn use her crib (which was a total lifesaver)! She is the happiest baby I know. She may be the only little girl that has teeth coming in, a running nose, and cant sleep and still has the cutest smile on her face all day. We just love that little girl.
Cooper could be the cutest little boy EVER. He has more energy than anyone I know and was the life of the party. We are so glad we finally got to meet him!
Brooklyn wasn't quite as good at standing...but she tried.
Winter Quarters Temple
Lara made Cafe Rio from scratch (it was so yummy) and slaved all day so the boys did the dishes! They turned on music and cleaned- it was a crack up.
Brooklyn and I at the Winter Quarters Temple