Saturday, April 6, 2013

What our favorite little girl is up to lately...

Is Brooklyn really going to be 2 years old in 3 months? It's nuts. NUTS! These past 21 months have been the best of our lives and I can't imagine life without her. It's nuts how we both thought we would have a boy and when we found out we were having a girl we were so surprised. Now, I thank my lucky stars every day that we got this little angel sent to our family. It's indescribable how much you love your little ones, I don't even know how to explain it. It's a completely consuming love that I never thought was possible. She is our little diva that makes us laugh so much she probably doesn't get punished enough :) I can't imagine life without her.


- When she doesn't want to leave or stop what she is doing when I ask, she will wave and say "bye mom" (I am totally guilty for this one, I would tell her "bye" to try and get her to come and it TOTALLY back fired.)
- Has to have her dogs with her at all times. The other night she would not go to bed, which was odd cuz she normally jumps out of my arms to go to bed. I was wondering what was going on when the light bulb went on "she doesn't have dog!". I brought her dog, she giggled, gave him "loves", and she was asleep seconds later.
- Shoes, shoes, shoes. She is generally running around in a diaper with just her boots on. Snow boots. Occassionally she adds sunglasses to the mix. She walked downstairs like that the other day and I about died.
- She gets down to her birthday suit after we put her to bed. It is a weekly occurance to go wake her up and find her in just her diaper with her clothes on the floor.
- She eats eggs every morning. If I'm still tired and want her to watch TV in bed with us a few minutes, she will look at me and say "Mom, I want eggs!" The girl knows what she wants.
- She is done with high chairs. She kneels down on the chair and eats her food like a big girl.
- Loves to play in the car. While we were moving she would sit in the car and play for as long as we needed her to. She climbs from the front to the back, gets in her carseat, hits a few buttons, and then does it all over again.
- She loves her Papas. Every time the door bell rings she yells "papa!"
- She loves to read and could do it all day long. Some days I'm certain we read close to 30 books. I love that she enjoys it so much.
- When she wants you to come with her she pats you on the leg and says "hand" and then leads you to what she wants.
- She will wrap her arms around your neck and say "awww". It is the single greatest thing. Ever.

Brooklyn, you are such a ham, and we couldn't love it more.