Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Francisco!!

This past weekend we finished Winter semester and headed to San Francisco for the weekend. We counted it as our one year anniversary, just a month early. We had so much fun and are sad to be back in Utah. We got there and headed strait to the our hotel in Union Square that was awesome. We then shopped around- went crazy at the Gap-they were having a killer sale- and then went to china town and ate at Pantarei, which is my favorite italian restaurant ever! We spent the next two days do all the touristy things- the wharf, the bridge, the park, the ferry, etc. We always took afternoon naps and had killer desserts every night, especially at Ghiradelli Square. It was so much fun to get away for a few days and now we are back at school and back to our normal, crazy lives, for another 3 months!

the trolley was my favorite part!
saturday morning we walked the boardwalk
the golden gate bridge- amazing
the bug show at the academy of sciences

china town!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So, this is the first Easter I have ever been away from my family so I was excited to start new traditions for Trevor and I. Last night I made a huge batch of sugar cookies and decorated all of them. Making sugar cookies is my new favorite thing to do and I have a new theme each month and give them to the people I visit teach. We went to bed early- midnight, which is an hour earlier than most schoolnights. We had a good hashbrown and egg casserole thing for breakfast that was kind of a disaster cuz it took an hour longer to cook than usual and we didnt even have time to eat it before church. After church we watched the masters and wanted tiger to win so badly but he didn't pull through for us. We also decided next year we are going to go to the masters. I have found if it involves golf, Trevor is willing to go. I made a ham for the first time, twice baked potatoes, got croissants from a French bakery, and had fruit and vegetables with an apple crisp for dessert. I was so happy that it all turned out. Tausha and Katie and Kyle and their friend Ken came over. We then played catch phrase and stopped playing because Trevor is the biggest cheater on earth. I have decided that I really like Easter and can't wait to have easter egg hunts when i have kids in 5 years haha. But it was really fun and getting Trevor an easter basket was so fun! But i never realized how expensive easter dinner is- definately going to look forward to having it at mom's next year :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Breakin' in AZ

so for Skippy's spring break the Tripp family headed down to AZ to stay at an awesome hotel. Trev, Tausha, and I met the rest of the family there and got there really early on Friday morning and spent the day basking in the sun, it was amazing to be in warm weather again. We had forgotten what it was like after living in dreary utah. We went to In n out and the mall that night and got all of our easter presents- gotta love Kenna :). The next day Taush and I ran 12 miles and had a lot of fun. We couldn't walk for the rest of the day but it cancelled out everything we ate that day, so it was definitely worth it. We then got to go to the NCAA sweet sixteen UConn against Mizzou game. It was so awesome. It was at the Cardinal's new stadium. Trev and Winston got to sit courtside while me and the girls sat club level (darn :). It was so much fun and was an awesome game. We spent the rest of the time at the pool and saw Knowing (the weirdest movie ever!!) We also got to see Jack and Kerry and Karli and Desmond. It was so much fun to see them. Trev went golfing monday while i sat in the sun and got a sun rash that was brutal. We were so sad to leave but so grateful for all Winston and Kenna did for us! Coming back to the cold was brutal!

Trev going down the slide at the hotel
Us with Tausha and Skippy
Last day at the pool
Trev and I at the NCAA game

the lazy river at the hotel