Thursday, March 22, 2012

Family Pictures in Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica we had some family pictures taken of our ever growing family. It was lots of fun and I'm glad we have some good family pictures to put up on the wall.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random iPhone Pictures

I love having an iPhone. It makes it so much easier to catch all Brooklyn's funny/crazy moments. Not the best quality but at least we captured the moments. This little girl is hilarious and we love how she always keeps up laughing.

She now officially loves the water
We call this the Costanza (Seinfeld fans, you will know what I'm talking about)
Tired after a long day at Lindsey's wedding (this is 30 seconds after we got in the car!)
Big girl at the grocery store
"helping" with the laundry
6 hours on a plane makes for a slap happy little girl
she loves her crib
after a solid nap in Costa Rica- note the awesome hair
love getting her up in the morning

St. Patricks Day @ the zoo

On St Patricks day we decided to go down to the zoo after having an amazing breakfast at Snooze. If you are ever in the Denver area you have to go. My cousin Tanner was in town with his girlfriend Hilary so we all headed downtown to check out the animals. It was Brookly's third time but the first time she awake long enough to see the animals. We love the Denver Zoo and its 70 degree weather in March!

California Weekend

Last weekend Brooklyn and I flew out to California with my mom for my best friend's wedding. It was so much fun to get away for a little girls weekend. We stayed in Newport Beach, went on lots of walks, shopped, and ate lots of good food. We got to spend lots of time with my grandma as well, who happens to be Brooklyn's new best friend. She loves her just as much as I do. The weather was perfect and it made me miss living in California. That is until I got on the freeway and turned into a road raged monster. The traffic there would be the death of me. I got so angry I contemplated chancing the 400 dollar ticket for driving in the car pool lane with only 1 person.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. It was on the beach with only her closest family and friends. She was stunning and I have never seen her happier in the 20 + years I have known her. This day was a long time (8 years of dating) coming and it couldn't have been more perfect. I am so happy for you Linds, now move to Colorado!!

Now, if only Brooklyn could rack up some frequent flyer miles for us!

Brooklyn and Great Grandma
We went to dinner at Las Brisas where we had our wedding dinner. Brings back great memories.
The beautiful bride
The happy couple
so happy for her!
Brooklyn and Aunt Lindsey
Brooklyn and I at the reception
Brooklyn @ In n Out. Love this picture.
Shopping at fashion island

4 generations

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pura Vida

We just got back from a Kozak family vacation in Costa Rica. Take me back! It was a blast. We rented a house by the beach and relaxed for a week. Brooklyn was an angel the whole trip and didn't make a peep on the 6 hour flight. I think we have a beach girl on our hands. We ate, swam, and surfed every day. It's amazing how happy sunshine can make you. Ocean views help too. We zip lined one day and the boys went on an ATV tour to some rock/cliff/island to go rock climbing. The town of Tamarindo itself is wonderful. We had so much exploring it every night. We are back to real life, obnoxious amounts of laundry, and much colder temperatures!

It was like a traveling circus with all of us

Liza and Gma playing iPad before bed
Playing "music" with "Aunt No"

So in love with this little girl
Hammock time with Liza
My two loves
Yes. I did buy her the matching swim cap.

Brooklyn and Papa
Bottle. Toys. Warm weather. Happy girl.
Day at the beach

LOVE that these girls get to grow up together
Downtwon Tamarindo