Friday, December 16, 2011

Newport Beach '11

Kozak & Associates recently opened an office up in Newport Beach, Ca, so a business dinner for clients was scheduled for December for all of the boys to go. The girls decided it was the perfect time for them to go have fun and play. And that we did. Since I grew up in California, it is always a blast to go back. It will always have a special place in my heart. It was especially fun to be back there with my brother where every street seemed to bring back memories. We stayed on Balboa Island, one of my favorite locations in all of Southern California. It is quaint, charming, unique, and absolutely gorgeous. I would have no problem retiring there and never leaving the island. We shopped, ate, went on many walks, played in the sand, went to Disneyland, and spent time with great family and friends. I am so excited for the new office because hopefully that means more time there. Brooklyn also got to meet my best friend Lindsey and that was so much fun. I think Brooklyn loves Lindsey as much as I do :) I will blog about Disneyland later, I don't have the energy to tackle that beast tonight! Thanks mom and dad for a great trip!

This little girl was pure entertainment the entire trip. She is hilarious and we all adore her.

The boys built Liza a sand castle that she couldn't wait to destroy. The water was freezing but the boys braved the water and surfed.

I love that face.

I really can't get enough of her.

Papa making B laugh.

We went on lots of walks around the island. Probably 2 a day. It was so much fun walking as a family, admiring all the houses, and going on morning donut runs.

These little toes touched sand for the first time.

It was so fun to take her to the beach.

Balboa Bars are famous there and worth the hype! My dad prefers the frozen bananas but it was like biting into banana flavored ice.

Beautiful Balboa Island

Daddy and B at the beach.

Our cute little beach house!

My brother and I grew up going to this arcade. It seemed huge and magical back then. It broke our hearts to see how abandoned that part of the boardwalk was. It once had bumper cars, 3 arcades, and a merry go round. Now, just the one arcade stands. They are turning it into a museum.

One of the days we got together with my Dad's ENTIRE family, minus little Kassey and Trevor ( he wasn't there yet). We haven't all been together for a long time, it was lots of fun.

I just love Balboa. Trevor and I took our engagements on that Ferris Wheel.

We found the deal or no deal game at the arcade and Liza loved it!

Brooklyn napped like a champ the entire trip. Wherever we were she took her naps and was a happy camper.

Kristy and I with the girls on the ferry.

It was perfect weather

Being on the island, we had to take the ferry (a whole 3 minute ride) to get to the beach/arcade/etc.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

B's photo shoot.

My cousin Hayden took the cutest pictures of B over Thanksgiving, I love them!