Monday, January 7, 2013

Warmer Weather

After Christmas, we headed to sunny Southern California to get some warmer weather and some much needed R&R. I always love going back to where I grew up, it will always be home to me. After what seemed like the travel day from hell, we finally got there. Brooklyn was a champ and went an entire day without napping (the first time in her whole 18 months of life). She was in heaven the entire week. She loved riding the beach cruisers from pier to pier, and would have never left the sand if we let her. She is her mother's daughter and I absolutely love her love for the ocean. We got to see great grandma and grandpa Kozak as well, which was so special for me. We spent lots of time shopping, eating, playing at the arcades, going on boat tours, whale watching, and watching Pitch Perfect. It was such a fun trip with Trevor's family and we are already missing the sun. Trevor mentions every day how he wishes we could be on beach cruisers right now. I second that.