Wednesday, September 19, 2012

East Hampton 50th Birthday Surprise

Every time one of my mom's sisters turns 50, they get a surprise trip. They aren't told where they are going, they just have to show up at the airport. My Aunt Sandie turns 50 this year so we surprised her with a weekend in the Hamptons. She was SO excited and SO surprised. The Hamptons are beyond beautiful and I could go on forever about it (the entire town is perfectly manicured and perfectly adorable). I may have a new favorite place. We spent the weekend exploring little towns, buying fruit and vegetables on the side of the road, reading books at the beach, wandering around looking at houses, and grilling dinner at home. It is always so fun to be with all the girls in the family and there were many laugh til it hurt moments. I am pretty lucky to be have them. I always hate being away from Brooklyn, but Trevor just happens to be the best Mr. Mom and Brooklyn may have a new favorite (for now :). 

This was our awesome house rental!

 Sag Harbor Farmers Market

 My favorite part was all of the gorgeous homes. Sign me up.
 It takes "green" to a whole new level there
 And this is my dream home. 

 Ina Garten's House

 Martha Stewart's house on the famous Lily Pond Lane

 The sisters

 Love the blue trim on Martha Stewart's house.
 Everywhere you looked was perfectly manicured. EVERYWHERE. Hedges are a new obsession of mine.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New York Minute

Trevor had a work conference in NYC and Brooklyn and I decided to tag along, of course. I was beyond excited to take her to New York and let her fall in love with the city like I do every time I go. It was a whirlwind of a trip trying to fit everything in but we managed to check off most of our boxes and have a blast while doing so. We spent time in the park, ate lots of bagels, walked til our feet hurt, and stopped at every fountain in the city for a certain little girl that has a new found obsession with them. While daddy worked, we played at the local parks and wandered. We even got to go to dinner on the floor of the NYSE which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. A HUGE thank you to the Larsens for watching Brooklyn, you guys are wonderful! Trevor was so excited to take Brooklyn to the Central Park Zoo and the pouring rain didn't stop those two from seeing every inch of that zoo. Having a baby in the big apple was a whole new ball game but we managed to navigate the subways and get around with only a few "AHHHHH!" moments. Brooklyn is still adjusting to being in a carseat and we are already wanting more Levain cookies. As always, thank you New York for a great weekend and thank you Trev for letting us tag along, we love you! 

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Last year, we had our first roommate reunion in Omaha and seeing as it was so much fun we decided to try and persuade everyone to come to Denver this year. Austin and Natalie just had another perfectly adorable little boy so they weren't able to come, and they were missed dearly. And since Oliver is so cute, we decided not to be mad. Tyler, Lara, and Macie made the trek from Omaha to spend the weekend with us. Macie couldn't be cuter and her and Brooklyn were instant best friends. Listening to Macie talk all day long was the highlight of the trip. She is such a doll and wise beyond her years :). I am already missing her hugs. We spent a lot of time outside solving the worlds problems, the boys golfed, the girls shopped, we went downtown to dinner and a Rockies game, and played in the Platte. I love the comfort of good friends and that no matter how much time has passed you pick up right where you left off. The air conditioning broke, which is funny now, but at the time was miserable! We still managed to have a blast watching the little girls play together and figure out how they could be naughty together. We can't wait for vacations with all the kids when they are older and fighting over Coop and Oliver. Thanks SO much for coming to visit us, we miss you guys already!