Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Brooklyn and Davis June 2016

I kept feeling like I needed to write down all of my favorite things about these two recently and kept procrastinating, until now! These two are so much fun and keep us on our toes all day long. They love each other most of the time but they sure know how to push each others buttons. Davis will purposely scream in the car for no reason just because he knows it annoys his sister. They really don't like sharing water in the car either. But they are always hugging and he is always making sure his sissy is okay. He basically does whatever she asks. She is so full of spunk and sass right now that I am at a loss for words most of the time. She told trevor the other day "I got you trevor, you've obviously had a long day" while he was trying to explain to her why she couldn't buy anything at the Disney store. She also always says "I'm just having a hard day!" when anything doesn't go her way. She claims she is full at mealtime but wants a snack 5 minutes later. She could eat oreos all day long if I let her. When I ask her to do certain things she always says "ugh, you make me do EVERYTHING!". She is seriously a little girl trapped in an adults body. She always tells me she needs mommy snuggles and loves to watch dancing with the stars with me. She tells me I'm the best mom ever and if she had to pick between me being her friend or her mom she would definitely pick mom. All of my friends think she is the funniest thing around, and most days she is. She is starting to pick up on almost everything I say, so I have to be very careful about what she hears. She knows my phone number by heart and whenever I go to say it to someone on the phone she yells it from whatever room she is in. She gets so annoyed with her brother but when she tattles on him and he gets in trouble she quickly goes to his defense. She loves playing with her friends and thinks we need to be doing an activity every second of every day. That is probably my fault. When we told her we were having a baby and I showed her the ultra sound pictures she just looked at them and said "why would you want another one?" and then said "the more babies you have, the crazier it gets, and we need things calm around here!" She gets super nervous about new things or me ever leaving her but always has fun once she gets there. She picks her nails to no end and it drives me bonkers. She started pulling her hair and almost went bald on top - yikes. She also told us the other day she loves addy more than Jesus. We probably need to address that. She loves to help with anything and everything. She is the best helper and is my little buddy all day long. I love when Davis naps because its just the two of us and I love listening to her talk. She wants to be looked in the eye when she talks to you and always wants to fully understand things. If she doesn't get something, she wants it to be explained until she understands it. I love that about her. She loves to create. She wants to make potions or art projects all day long. I made the mistake of letting her use glitter - never again. She loves printing out Disney pictures online and coloring them. She loves a good manicure and pedicure and loves her Brammy and Nana to no end. She recently starting doing the hair flip and says its her new thing. She always says the most random things that sometimes I just have to look at her and laugh. We went camping and she said "mom, my tummy hurts, not so much junk food next time." She loved helping me plant flowers and the garden this spring and was such a big helper.She also talks in third person a lot and it is hilarious. She truly believes her middle name is Cookie. She yelled in line at chick fil a the o there day "MY MOM IS PREGNANT!" and always makes sure I don't get in the hot tub. She loves to shower and clean the glass. I really love her bum. Its the cutest, firmest thing.

Davis is a hoot. He is all boy. ALL BOY. He needs to be outside all day or playing with cars or scooters. He rides his scooter around all day long and says "mom, meet you around back" He just started talking so much and forming sentences. He is so funny to listen to. I hear him say "come here" all day long or "mom, meet you round back" and he rides his scooter from the front of the house to back. He loves his sissy. He also loves pestering her.  If you yell for him to know where he is in the ouse he says in the cutest voice "right here!" His face is too cute for words. He is potty trained but since going camping drops his pants in the grass anytime he feels it necessarily and comes in yelling "mom, pee grass!" and then he says "tell mommy" cuz he knows he is supposed to tell me. He is so supportive of his sister and goes to all of her activities to cheer her on. He doesn't walk anywhere, only runs. and falls a lot and quickly says "I'm ok!" He gives the best kisses and loves to snuggle. He carries his sisters old baby doll around everywhere and has to have his blanket and doll everywhere he goes. "mom, bring baby car!" He now wants to buckle himself and climbs in the car and tells me to shut the door so he can do it himself. He always runs over to unbuckle his sister because he knows it makes her so mad. He won't get out of his bed unless one of us get him and he always says "OUT BED!" when he wakes up. They both come in our room and lay in bed with us and its our favorite. He wants to wear basketball shorts all day long and gets so mad when he has to wear other clothes. He only lets trevor brush his teeth and whenever he gets in trouble during the day he asks for her. He is obsessed with JoJo and wants to play with her all the time. He gets so excited about everything, I just love it. He is very obedient most of the time and always says "K!" when I ask him to do something. He could eat 100 strawberries a day if I let him. When I tell him one more of something he quickly grabs a handful and shoves it in his mouth and runs away. He's just the best and at such a fun age. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and just wants to play all day!

These two are my world and I love them so much!

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