Saturday, March 26, 2011

Going Home!

Once I moved to Denver, I went to California multiple times a year in High School to see my best friend Lindsey and all my family that is still there. Since being in college, married, and being a grown up, it hasn't been that easy to get out there with work and all. So, in January I was dying to get away and hadn't been back in a while so Trevor was so sweet and got me a plane ticket for Valentine's Day. I was so excited!

I only went for 3 days so it was whirlwind of a vacation. My flight sat for an hour on the runway both ways- what are the odds. I love California, going back always brings back so many great memories and Lindsey and I go to all the same places we did when we were younger. The first day I went to Fashion Island with my grandma, shopped around, ate lots of good food, drove down the coast, and took a nap. That was a busy day for the pregnant lady and the old lady. Lindsey came down from San Diego and we went to In-n-out and stayed up late talking and eating Sprinkles cupcakes. Since she is engaged we checked out the wedding venue and then once again went and ate good food. Im pretty sure I go to California to eat. I got to see my aunt and twin cousins and my other aunt and uncle in LA.

I felt like I was going a million miles a minute while I was there but I was glad I got to fit everything in while I was there. I had so much fun and always love going back to California, thanks Trev! Hopefully next year I can take little Brooklyn out to experience it!

Oh ya, and once I got there I realized my camera was broken so I only have a few pictures from Iphone. Bummer.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a Girl!

So.... I haven't blogged in ages and I have very good excuses for my slacking but I just wanted to post that IT'S A GIRL! We are SO excited and can't wait to meet our little girl! The ultrasound tech said she is going to be a handful, she was going crazy in there- we can't wait!

I still have to blog about our ski weekend, my trip to California, and Las Vegas and I will soon! We went from a staff of 7 at work to a staff of 2 so needless to say I am working 6 days a week with lots of overtime. Let's hope my poor feet can handle it- retail is no bueno while pregnant :) but I may as well work my butt off before our little one gets here!

I'll get my act together and post soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mountain Week

A couple weekends ago my family headed up to the mountains for the week. My parents rented a place in Keystone so we could ski, snowshoe and hike for a week. My activities were limited but the relaxing week was so nice. Standing up all day at work makes for exhausted legs that love ANY sort of a break :). Sadly, Chris Kristy and Liza got sick and had to go home early. They had colds, sinus infections, and bronchitis. It was much easier to get better in their own beds. We missed them! Trevor and I had a blast with my parents though. We watched movies, played blokus and apples to apples, and ate lots of good food. The best part of the trip was that Trevor actually SKIED!! My little snowboarder put on skis and I was like a proud mother! He did great and loved it. How is it so easy for him to be good at everything?! We love the mountains and feel pretty lucky to have them in our backyard!