Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Tripp :)

Last week, my dad treated me to a daddy daughter trip to Cozumel for a weekend of Scuba Diving. It was so much fun! Trev stayed home and worked extra shifts so i could go have fun, thanks trev! We have 10 dives in 3 days, we were busy people! but will still had plenty of time to lay out and explore cozumel. a couple nights we just drove around the town to explore, it was fun, until we hit a moto dude that cut us off- no damage and no mexican police got involved so that was good. clay and his dad came too so clay used his spanish to get us out of the situtation. we had a great guide, erick, who is a local, and was amazing. we did such cool dives, and my favorite was devil's throat- 110 feet through caves. i about had an anurism before i went under but i did it and was so thrilled. the time flew but it was such a fun trip and i had so much fun with my dad! thanks dad!

the crew on the boat

erick took us here, it was so good, we went twice
me and erick, i was tired
our last dive of the trip
gotta love daddy daughter trips!

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