Monday, June 22, 2009


June 22 marked the start of a fabulous two weeks in the Tripp household. Needless to say Trevor and I woke up and instead of heading straight for the mini wheats, we went straight for the remote to watch Wimbledon.

Sadly the first thing we saw was that Serena Williams was winning. It seems as though they mistakenly put her in the women's draw this year instead of the men's. Lucky for Andy. Roger won, thank heavens. Trevor claims that we are "Fed Nation" and he will win his 15th Major a week from Sunday, we can only hope.

It is funny how Golf and Tennis consume our television time. I used to despise golf and feel as though watching paint dry would be more entertaining but recently it entertains me and i take wonderful naps while watching it on Sundays. We are just lucky that the time changes isnt like it is in Australia and Trevor can actually sleep during the night as opposed to being glued to the TV.

I will keep you posted throughout the next two weeks on the emotional ups and downs we are about to experience. Hopefully next year we will be at Wimbledon- if that is what we decide we want our graduation present to be :)

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