Sunday, July 5, 2009


If not for my calling at church that I am unable to be absent from, I would have been up at 7 watching Wimbledon. Instead I had to DVR it, and watch it at 11. My phone rang at 8 from my brother and I ignored the call knowing that the second i picked up the phone he would tell me what was going on before i could say anything, i was correct. i called him back and he yells "and you had given up on andy" I told him I would in fact KILL him if he ruined it for me. my family gets joy out of runing things like that. SO church was sooooo long but I got home and flipped on the TV to find out that trevor already knew what had happened and he too wanted to ruin it for me.

Andy wins the first 7-5, oh my goodness my heart is beating way too fast. 2nd set tie breaker. Andy has 4 set points, he doesnt convert. Fed wins the second. I suddenly want to injure Federer and let him live happily ever after with his 14 other titles. He's not the best, he is just selfish. Another tie break in the third. Andy are you trying to kill me. Side note: in High School I was so obsessed with Andy Roddick that I would cry, yes cry and leave the house when he lost. Fed takes the third. i don't lose hope, Andy wants this too bad. A break in the fouth, he can do it. He does. two sets all, and no tie break in the fifth, this is going to be good. 12 all in the fifth, this has to be some sort of record. Is Andy really running Fed like this. No one can break serve. 14 all. Fed serves, love game. Andy serves, he is down 0-30 then its 30-30 then deuce then add roddick then add federer. andy shanks the ball. Fed jumps up and down, I scream in disgust. My heart aches for Andy Roddick, he deserved it. the look on his face broke my heart, I have never seen someone work harder for something to lose it so fast. He made the comeback of his life this year, and I hope he wins another major, and i hope its Wimbledon, the tennis world owes it to him. you should all google the speaches from after the match. Pete Sampras was there, who shared the 14 record with Federer before the match. Andy gets up and says "Sorry Pete, I tried to hold him off for ya" then Federer annoyingly says, "Andy I know what it feels like, i lost last year". no you dont fed, shutup. andy replies, "but you had 5 before that" case and point. Federer is getting old and yes his is good but no i dont enjoy watching him all the time. I predict andy wins the open. we love you Andy!

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  1. haha lauren you are hilarious! I'm so sorry for your loss.