Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So Sunday night I convinced Trev to play scrabble with me, his least favorite game. We decided we didn't have time to play Monopoly and we didnt want to end the night on a bad note, which always happens when we play that particular game. So I found our scrabble board to be quite hilarious. Before I explain, I must let you know that last time we played trevor quit because i got a tripple word score with quiz which was worth 40 points. He claimed quiz was an abbreviation for quizical. So this game started with wool, by me, and then Jill by Trevor.
Me: "We aren't doing names"
Trev: "Then go ahead and challenge it"
I dont challenge.
next comes Omar.
Me: "Omar are you kidding me?"
Trev: "It's a word, challenge if you want."
I dont challenge.
Next comes Mig
Me: "thats a joke, I will not give you that one."
Trev: "Then callenge it."
I callenge. Mig is a word.
Needless to say I still won, well I think I did, the score sheet conveniently was wripped up before we had time to count. Trev let me use IRS and a few other questionable words, but I wouldn't give him Bendy, so he went with Bends. All in all it was fun, and I have come to find that you can tell a lot about a person by their scrabble board.

Monday, June 22, 2009


June 22 marked the start of a fabulous two weeks in the Tripp household. Needless to say Trevor and I woke up and instead of heading straight for the mini wheats, we went straight for the remote to watch Wimbledon.

Sadly the first thing we saw was that Serena Williams was winning. It seems as though they mistakenly put her in the women's draw this year instead of the men's. Lucky for Andy. Roger won, thank heavens. Trevor claims that we are "Fed Nation" and he will win his 15th Major a week from Sunday, we can only hope.

It is funny how Golf and Tennis consume our television time. I used to despise golf and feel as though watching paint dry would be more entertaining but recently it entertains me and i take wonderful naps while watching it on Sundays. We are just lucky that the time changes isnt like it is in Australia and Trevor can actually sleep during the night as opposed to being glued to the TV.

I will keep you posted throughout the next two weeks on the emotional ups and downs we are about to experience. Hopefully next year we will be at Wimbledon- if that is what we decide we want our graduation present to be :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Tripp :)

Last week, my dad treated me to a daddy daughter trip to Cozumel for a weekend of Scuba Diving. It was so much fun! Trev stayed home and worked extra shifts so i could go have fun, thanks trev! We have 10 dives in 3 days, we were busy people! but will still had plenty of time to lay out and explore cozumel. a couple nights we just drove around the town to explore, it was fun, until we hit a moto dude that cut us off- no damage and no mexican police got involved so that was good. clay and his dad came too so clay used his spanish to get us out of the situtation. we had a great guide, erick, who is a local, and was amazing. we did such cool dives, and my favorite was devil's throat- 110 feet through caves. i about had an anurism before i went under but i did it and was so thrilled. the time flew but it was such a fun trip and i had so much fun with my dad! thanks dad!

the crew on the boat

erick took us here, it was so good, we went twice
me and erick, i was tired
our last dive of the trip
gotta love daddy daughter trips!