Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tausha's Shower

Trevor's little sister, Tausha, is engaged and getting married December 21st. It goes without saying we adore Tausha. I consider myself pretty lucky to have her as a sister in law. I was so excited to help plan/throw her shower. I wanted to make it as "Tausha" as possible, which means bright colors, girly, and lots of polka dots. I think the mission was accomplished. Thanks to the Carney and McCabe girls! It was lots of fun getting everything ready and seeing it all come together. We had a blast setting up for 5 hours! We are excited for Tausha to get married and have Jacob in the family! I didn't edit any of these pictures so they are kinda dark, oh well.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe our little Brooklyn is almost 4 months old. Where on earth has the time gone? People always told me "they grow up too fast" and I never really took it seriously. Until now. She has grown up Way.Too.Fast. So fast that I may or may not have cried in the past week thinking about how I wish I had a remote for her to freeze these moments I can't get enough of. I think the whole newborn thing is done all wrong. How come when they are these tiny, precious little things you are recovering, exhausted, and totally clueless on the who parenthood thing? So unfair. Every day I think, could she get any cuter? Could I love her more? and well, every day I do.

It totally blows my mind how much I can love this little thing. It's crazy how 3 months is such a short amount of time but she has changed so much. Maybe it's because my little one already wants to stand on her own, hold her own bottle, and grab iPhones. She is past the point of cuddling and looks at me like ", I can hold my head up already, I'm too big for this whole cuddling thing." Sometimes she lets out her annoyed scream while I'm doing it but I still make cuddle. Selfish, I know. Everyday brings something new and she changes slightly every time I see that smiling face when I get her out of her crib in the morning.

As much as I miss her tiny little self and her being so dependent on me, I am loving watching her learn and grow everyday. I could stare at her all day long and just watch her take in and try and understand the world around her. I wish I could lock her up in the house and never let her have to face this crazy world, but hopefully by the time she is actually facing it, I will have come to grips with it. :) She is my whole world now and I couldn't love it more. Now that I have her, I totally understand what every other mom said about loving them. No matter how exhausted, frustrated, or stressed I ever get, it takes one little squeal from her to remind what is really worth worrying about.

I am thankful for her everyday and have loved every second of the 119 days I have had her. Now, if only pregnancy went this fast and the first 9 months went as slow at growing her did. Now that, is a genius idea. At least she is stuck with me forever. I am eternally thankful for that.

How did this little girl...

turn into this little girl so fast?

I love those cheeks.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby's first Halloween

I always thought about what holidays would be like with a babe around, and,'s WAY. MORE. FUN. My mom was never the biggest Halloween enthusiast and dressed me in her old clown costume for more years that I would like to mention, I decided to fully embrace it. I will, however, give her credit for manning up one year and making me and my best friend Betty and Wilma- we rocked the trunk or treat that year. The other day she casually said "I should get out the clown costume" to which I quickly replied "NO!!" It's an ongoing joke in our family. I'm sure one year I'll make Brookie wear the clown costume. I got Brooklyn a cute lady bug costume one night, and an "i'pood" the other night. If you know Trevor it will make perfect sense.

For our pre-Halloween activities, my friend Emi put together a fun little outing to a pumpkin patch. This wasn't just any pumpkin patch, this was a pumpkin farm where you cut your pumpkin off the vine. Minus two massive blowouts, Brooklyn enjoyed herself. It was fun to get out and do something new this year.

Julie had her annual Halloween party that was as fun as ever. She knows how to throw a party. It was fun to get together with all of our good friends and eat lots of junk food. It's not as easy to not eat like you're pregnant when you're not pregnant. I'm working on it. It doesn't help that Trevor (who lives for handing candy out to the kiddos) told me to get lots of candy and a whole 4 kids showed up to our door. I should have listened to my mom's advice and bought candy I don't like. Oh well.

all the babes- this picture cracks me up
Steve Jobs and his "i'pood"
We went to our ward trunk or treat and had some great chili and cornbread before heading out to the cars to pass out candy to the little kids. It was freezing out that night but still lots of fun.
I'm certain they will find this funny 10 years from now

Having Brookie here for Halloween made me beyond excited for her first Christmas. I'm already planning obnoxious amounts of traditions. We will see how many I actually put in action. Having a little one around is more fun that I could have imagined and I can't get enough of her.