Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So... I have 3 weeks left and I haven't really documented anything. I'm sure some day I will regret that but right now I am way too tired to think that far ahead. I have taken pictures throughout, but haven't documented what weeks I was at so I guess those won't be very helpful either. I guess there is something about documenting getting larger that doesn't appeal to me, go figure.

I have this natural talent of putting things off and doing them last minute (if you know my mother you know that I must have been switched at birth.) She is the most organized woman there is. She has been a LIFESAVER the past few months. My nursery may have never gotten finished if not for her. She took all of Brooklyn's clothes (which is way too many than any infant needs) washed, and ironed them and then brought them back to me in bins organized by size. She came out on multiple days to help me de clutter my house, and then deep clean every square inch of my house. I'm talking baseboards, windows, everything. She knows me too well and knows that I need everything organized BEFORE Brooklyn comes for my sanity and Trevor's (he is just as organized as my mom). I'd like to think, and you'll have to ask Trevor to validate this, that I have been quite on top of everything since! Mission accomplished mom. Thanks!!!

It is finally hitting me that she will be here in 3 weeks. I have avoided really thinking about it because it made time just drag by. I have the next 10 days planned out so I never have down time. That way I don't have time to let anxiety or stress get the best of me :). I am SO excited to have her here. 9 months is a really long time when you're pregnant, much longer that I thought it would seem. I keep picturing what she will look like and if she will have hair or not. Trevor is hoping my brown eyes aren't going to ruin our chances of Brooklyn getting his blue eyes. Maybe she will miraculously be blonde with blue eyes. I am super excited for our lives to change but can't believe it will never be just Trevor and I again, how crazy to think about! It is going to be the best change to ever happen to us.

I am going to miss feeling her move all day long, she is an acrobat in there. I love just laying down and watching my stomach move. I won't miss my joints throbbing every night when I wake up, feeling like a whale, having to sleep on my side, and not being able to eat turkey sandwiches (what else are you supposed to eat for lunch?). It's been quite the journey but one I wouldn't trade for the world. I am so grateful we get to have our little girl here in 3 weeks. I'm just hoping Trevor will still tie my shoes for me when I don't have a belly, that has been a perk :). And I'm hoping she makes an early appearance for my sanity, a girl can dream right?

Father's Day

So I don't have any pictures of Father's Day, whoops. I blame it on the fact that I was cooking all day. It was lots of fun to celebrate it seeing that Trevor will be a dad in 3 weeks, yes 3 weeks. I made him French toast that morning, we went to church, headed to my parents, and then came back to our house to have dinner for his dad. It was one busy day, but full of family and fun.

Seeing as I am the only girl in my family I have always been quite the Daddy's girl. I admire my dad so much and feel so lucky to have him in my life. He is one amazing man. If not for him who knows how girly I would have turned out, ha!

Trevor and I are so grateful for his dad as well. We love lunch dates with him and never stop laughing when we are around him. We are so grateful to live so close to both of our dads and that little Brooklyn will know them both so well.

I am so excited for Trevor to be a dad. He is going to be a way better parent than I will, I'm certain of it. I have never met a kid that doesn't adore him or a kid he doesn't adore. Brooklyn is one lucky girl. I am grateful everyday that I have him in my life.

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trev goes to the U.S. Open- golf edition.

So last week a call came into the office and someone asked if anyone was interested in tickets to the U.S. Open. We thought they were talking about the tennis U.S. Open in September but these tickets were for golf in Washington D.C. Trevor and my dad jumped at the chance to go so they bought tickets and were on their way a few days later. I was super jealous! Trevor had never been to D.C. so he got to not only fulfill his golf dreams but also see our nation's capital. I was excited for him to go but missed him lots while he was gone. I sent him with strict orders to take lots of pictures and he did, but only 2 of himself! He said he had a blast and loved seeing the sights. He said the golf course was amazing and he loved being able to see the pros just a few feet away. I think they saw most everything they could in 36 hours. Brooklyn and I are glad to have him back!

He took this for me :)

They took a bike tour around the city. He said if anyone wants to know how to see D.C. in 36 hours, just ask him.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chalk Art Festival

I love downtown Denver. Trevor and I always wish we lived right downtown but it never made sense for Trevor to commute out of downtown since he works in the burbs. We always wish we got down there more often and have been making an effort to do so. Every year Denver has a chalk art festival and I have always wanted to go but we have never gotten around to it and this year I was determined. We went with our good friends the McCabes and Gross'. It was just as fun as I thought it would be. The art was amazing and it was fun to walk around Larimer Square. I think we will definitely be making it a tradition!
My belly! Only 3.5 more weeks.
Ashlyn, like usual, was a trooper! we love her!

Me, Emi, Leslie

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Shower #2

I was lucky enough to have 2 baby showers for little Brooklyn. I got to have my fabulous one out in our new area and then last weekend I had one back in Highlands Ranch with all of my dear family and friends I have known for so long. Donna, who was my wedding planner and like my second mother, threw me a beyond amazing shower. Her little girl Ellie has been like a little sister to me since she was 6 months old and I started babysitting her. Lesley, Shelley, Dorothy and Cindy all helped and made it so much fun. I can't thank all of them enough, I am so blessed to know such great (and talented) women! I'll let the pictures do the talking! Brooklyn got SO many great things, she is one lucky girl. Thanks to everyone who came and made it so special for me, I love you all!

This little girl shared her Birthday with my baby shower. I have loved watching her grow up. I can't believe she is already 12- crazy how time flies.

My sister in law is due a month after me. I am super excited for Brooklyn and her little girl cousin to be the best of friends.
I just love my mom- I hope to be half the mother she is.
The decorations were beyond amazing. I walked in and was speechless, it looked like it was right out of a magazine. Her design talents never cease to amaze me. We drank water out of glass baby bottles, the tissue papers balls were on stair spindles she had cut and painted, and she made the napkin holders herself. I dream of having those kind of talents. I couldn't have asked for anything better. She said the yellow shoes were her inspiration (little did she know I have been eyeing them at the Gap for months!)
I am so lucky to have so many great friends in my life.

I can't wait for Brooklyn to get here- I am going crazy. I am not only excited to not be pregnant (expect for feeling her kick all day long- I love it) but I am excited to see what she looks like and to love this little girl so much. One more month!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

This year, Memorial Day snuck up on us and we didn't have any fun plans like we had hoped. Trevor decided golf was a must so he went with my dad and his dad and golfed at Arrowhead Golf Course in Roxborough. It is gorgeous out there! My mom and I worked on the nursery (pictures coming soon) and then went and met them for lunch. Nothing too exciting but I had to post pictures of how beautiful it is around here this time of year.

On a side note: ONLY 5 MORE WEEKS TIL BROOKLYN IS HERE! It can't come soon enough :) We are dying to meet her.

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turned 49 (he is still a spring chicken) and we had a great night celebrating! We had Lou Malnatis pizza from Chicago and Kristy made a great chocolate cake. He got lots of running and rock climbing gear and loved it all. I admire my dad so much and feel like one lucky girl to have him. We love you Dad!

D Bar

If you know me really well, you know that i LOVE food. I love trying new restaurants and unique places in every city we go to. It drives most of my family crazy that I put so much thought into where we are going to eat dinner. I can spend hours researching restaurants before a vacation. Maybe thats why NYC is my favorite place on earth - endless food possibilities.

Sadly, one of the downsides of living in suburbia is the lack of mom and pops and the surplus of chains. Downtown Denver is such an amazing city and Trevor and I always wish we spent more time down there so we recruited one of Trevor's friends to take us to a new place downtown and, as expected, he didn't disappoint. He refused to tell us where we were going so it was a total surprise when we showed up to his house. We ended up going to D Bar, which is owned by Keegan Gerhard, who judges all the cake contests on the Food Network. The food was beyond amazing and the dessert was, well lets just say if he is judging contests it's probably because he has won all of them. I had a fried chicken sandwich with belgian waffles and sweet potato fries (sounds weird, i know) and Trevor had Kobe beef sliders that he says were the best he has had. Dessert didn't disappoint either. I had to be rolled out of there. It was so much fun to catch up with good friends and eat good food. We can't wait until we have our next adventure downtown. Thanks Ben!

3 years.

On the 29th, Trevor and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. It was a blast. We went downtown to our favorite pizza place (Proto's in the Highlands- I HIGHLY recommend it) and then to the Rockies game. Trevor got us great seats and the Rockies killed the Cardinals which made it even more fun. The past 3 years have been the best ever and we can't wait to have little Brooklyn join our family this year!